As the groom, your wedding day is approaching swiftly, and you’re ready to tie the knot with the love of your life. Selecting the right suit or tuxedo rental might seem overwhelming initially, especially if formal attire isn’t your usual wardrobe choice. However, by considering a few essential tips when choosing your wedding day attire, you’ll look and feel exceptional on your big day!

Fit Matters Most

The fit of your tuxedo or suit stands paramount. Consider your preferred clothing fit as a starting point. If you lean towards fitted shirts and pants, an Ultra Slim or Slim Fit garment might suit you best. For those preferring a more relaxed style, a Modern or Traditional Fit would likely match your taste. At Boise Tuxedo Shop, we accommodate sizes up to men’s 66, ensuring a fit for various body types.

Prioritize a slimmer, contemporary look for a tuxedo that fits snugly without constriction, allowing ease of movement for celebrating and dancing. When buttoned, the jacket should feel comfortably snug, permitting you to slide a hand between the jacket and shirt effortlessly. Should you feel tugging or pulling on the coat’s back, opt for the next size up for a better fit.

Additionally, be mindful of sleeve lengths for both the jacket and shirt. The jacket sleeve should rest just above your wrist bone, while the shirt sleeve should exhibit roughly a half-inch to an inch. These adjustments ensure a polished appearance!

Match Style Harmoniously

While aiming to look as remarkable as your bride, ensure your attire aligns with her vision. If she opts for a high-end wedding dress, a classic tuxedo in black, blue, or grey could be a perfect match. For a less formal dress choice, consider a suit, maintaining a casual yet complementary appearance. The key is to complement her style!

Attention to Accessories

In the world of tuxedo rentals, details make the difference! Elevate your look with cuff links for an added touch of sophistication, ranging from classic black and silver to personalized options. Opt for a bowtie—black for a classic look or match it to your wedding palette for a hint of color.

A pocket square adds finesse; match it with your bowtie or select a complementary color for a touch of flair. Choose matte-style shoes over glossy ones for a fashionable finish. And remember, steer clear of white athletic socks; opt for black dress socks or experiment with fun-colored or patterned socks to add character to your ensemble!

Though there are guidelines, don’t sacrifice your style and personality. Confidence is key, and if bending a rule or two boosts your confidence, embrace it! Your suit or tuxedo should not only look good but make you feel fantastic. Boise Tuxedo Shop offers both rental and purchase options to cater to your needs. Start browsing online or seek advice from our experts at a nearby location for your tuxedo rental needs!

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