Rent or Buy

Renting your wedding tuxedos or suits in-store can be a great option for you and your out-of-town groomsmen. You will receive hands-on, personalized service from one of our professional staff members. The Boise Tuxedo Shop can help you choose style options and get your wedding members registered.  Your out-of-town groomsmen should share the information gathered on their measurement forms directly with you or can email or text us directly. Then, the store will take over and complete the ordering process from there.

Your tuxedos or suits will generally be ready a couple days prior to your event. The groom will normally be the one to notify you when they are available for pick up. However, if you have out-of-town groomsmen that won’t arrive until just a day or two before the wedding, no worries, we can fit your tuxedo or suit last-minute as well.

While it is generally best to have a professional take your measurements for a tuxedo or suit rental, we understand it is not always convenient. Whether you are an out-of-town groomsman who needs to submit measurements for a wedding, your busy schedule just won’t allow you to visit a local store, or you feel more comfortable doing the measurements yourself, we have you covered. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to learn how to measure for a suit or tuxedo out of store, and in the comfort of your own home.

For accurate results, you’ll need two people to complete the process. You’ll also need a quality tailor’s measuring tape which is available for purchase at most stores. Follow the steps closely, as accurate measurements are important for a properly fitted tuxedo or suit.

All in all, renting formal wear for a wedding, prom, or other special event, Boise Tuxedo Shop has the experience to make sure your day is special, and that you look amazing.