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Purchase Price: 559.00

Style Details

Men’s Allure Ultra Slim Fit Graphite Wedding Suit ( Ridge )

Product Description:

Introducing the Allure Bridal Graphite Ridge slim fit suit, available for rent at our Boise Tuxedo Shop. This graphite grey suit stands out with its textured weave appearance and unique lapel design, the ‘Graphite Ridge,’ featuring a subtle edging that accentuates the lapel for a distinct touch, setting it apart from traditional suit styles.

Crafted by Allure Bridal, this suit boasts a premium material blend of wool, polyester, and COOLMAX, ensuring both a stunning appearance and remarkable comfort. The blend allows for a beautiful look while retaining affordability, perfect for weddings and special events.

The Graphite Ridge suit offers a tailored slim fit, showcasing elegance and modernity. Its textured weave fabric and innovative lapel design add sophistication to your ensemble, making a stylish statement without compromising on comfort.

Rent this Allure Bridal Graphite Ridge Slim Fit Suit from Boise Tuxedo Shop and elevate your formal attire with its unique lapel design and premium comfort.