At Boise Tuxedo Shop, achieving the perfect fit is our specialty. We understand the importance of tailored attire for any significant event. Our commitment to ensuring you look and feel your best extends beyond providing rental suits and tuxedos. We offer expert in-store alteration services, including commonly requested alterations such as:

Pant Hemming: Uneven pant lengths can disrupt the polished look of your attire. Our skilled tailors provide precise pant hemming services to ensure a clean and uniform length that complements your stature perfectly.

Sleeve Length Hem: Properly tailored sleeves can significantly enhance the overall appearance of a suit or tuxedo. Whether it’s shortening or lengthening sleeves, our expert tailors pay attention to detail to achieve the ideal sleeve length that accentuates your style.

Pant & Jacket Tapering: For a more tailored and modern look, pant and jacket tapering is often requested. Our tailors skillfully adjust the width of pants and jackets, ensuring a slimmer, custom fit that exudes sophistication.

In-Store Alterations Convenience: Boise Tuxedo Shop prioritizes convenience. Our in-store alteration services guarantee a hassle-free experience for our customers. Need last-minute adjustments? Our skilled tailors work efficiently to accommodate your needs promptly, delivering alterations that ensure your attire fits impeccably for your special event.

Beyond Our Rentals: Alterations for Outside Purchases: We go above and beyond to cater to your alteration needs, even for items not purchased from our shop. Boise Tuxedo Shop welcomes garments purchased elsewhere for alterations. Our alteration services extend to outside purchases for a small additional charge, ensuring every customer receives the perfect fit.

A Commitment to Excellence: Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated team takes pride in craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every alteration meets our high standards of quality. Your comfort and confidence in your tailored attire are our utmost concern.

Conclusion: Experience the transformative difference that perfectly tailored attire can make for your special occasion. Boise Tuxedo Shop offers expert in-store alterations for rental suits and tuxedos, including pant hemming, sleeve length hemming, pant, and jacket tapering, all tailored to your measurements. Trust our skilled tailors to elevate your look and ensure you stand out with exceptional fit and style.

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